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1.26.99Status Report on United States v. Microsoft
2.19.99New York Times: Tales of Fear and Loathing in Case Against Microsoft
2.19.99Washington Post: Judge Sharply Questions Microsoft
2.18.99Direct Testimony of Eric Engstrom
2.18.99Direct Testimony of Dan Rosen
2.18.99WSJ: Microsoft's Lawyers Struggle With Serious Tactical Errors
2.17.99Direct Testimony of John Rose
2.16.99Week 15 in Review
2.15.99Washington Post: Sanctions Under Debate in Microsoft Case
2.10.99Direct Testimony of Brad Chase
2.10.99Windows Magazine: Open Windows
2.9.99Cameron Myhrvold: MSFT VP Internet Customer Unit
2.9.99Antitrust: A Bargain for the Public
2.9.99Free Market Economists Were Right to Support Justice Department in Microsoft Trial
2.7.99Week 14 in Review
1.27.99Washington Post: Better to Break it Up than Break the Spirit
1.13.99Sacramento Bee Editorial
11.23.98PC and Software Prices Fall, But Not at Microsoft
10.9.98Bill Gates to Consumers: Microsoft Chooses, You Pay.
10.5.98Venture Capitalists Say Microsoft Stifles Investments and Innovation

This week's quiz

Q: "According to internal Microsoft documents released at the antitrust trial, what is the Microsoft average revenue per OEM PC system shipped for 1990 through 1996?


QUESTION: What non-Microsoft browsers were you concerned about in January of 1996?

Bill Gates: I don't know what you mean "concerned."

QUESTION: What is it about the word "concerned" that you don't understand?

Bill Gates: I'm not sure what you mean by it.

- From Bill Gates's video deposition.

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